At Ivybrook Farm, we use organic and biodynamic practices on our vineyards and farmland.

We began farming much of the vineyard Biodynamically in 2005 and also introduced a mixed herd of sheep and an alpaca to graze and fertilise undervine in Autumn and Winter.

This natural farming method targets the soil using herbal preparations, plant teas, and composts; while minimally utilising applications of copper and sulphur sprays when required. This has improved the living soil system, and with the aid only of composts, biodynamic soil preparations, and low-impact farm implements, the vineyard has developed its own natural eco-systems.

In essence, biodynamic practice is motivated by the desire to work the earth organically and create a living healthy environment. The end goal is to farm the land cleanly and simply, allowing the wine to express its vitality and honesty.

This minimalist approach is also carried into the production of our wine. Our role is to provide and maintain a healthy environment for the fermentations to happen of their own accord and for the wine to express the fruit from which it was made.

“We strive for self-sufficiency and carry out all stages of the wine process – grape growing, grape picking, wine making and finally the cellar door sales from the property”.